How to Get Rid of Acne Around the Mouth

A couple of bumps here and there can ruin your active social life. Having acne has a social stigma and whether you like it or not, acne will always be there. It is a cycle and you need to figure out a way to prevent that cycle.

There are different types of acne depending on where it is located and depending on the way it is formed. There are cystic acne, acne mechanica, hormonal acne and acne fulminans. Acne can pop out anywhere in your body. There is the widely popular facial acne, and the less vulgar body acne. Whatever the type of acne you have, it is important that you do something about it as soon as possible.

In this article, we will focus on how to treat acne around the mouth. Acne around the mouth is often caused by the tooth paste that you use. Most toothpaste products uses the chemical compound SLS. SLS is a type of sodium that can make your skin dry and irritated. Using toothpaste products that contain SLS can trigger acne attacks.

How does SLS trigger the formation of acne? It is simple. By making your skin dry, it triggers an autonomic response in your body where more oil is produced to protect your skin from drying out. The excess oil produced gets trapped in your pores. When dirt, oil and bacteria is trapped inside your pores, the acne bacteria will convert the oil to fatty acids. These fatty acids will then allow them to live longer and replicate. The overgrowth of P.Acnes bacteria will be noticed by your body and will then send its soldiers to the site to eradicate the bacteria. This causes inflammation of your pores and by all meaning, you will have acne.

Studies show that individuals that use toothpaste containing SLS were able to clear 80% of their blemishes after changing the toothpaste that they use. If you have acne around the mouth and you can’t find a toothpaste that does not contain SLS, it is important that you thoroughly rinse your skin after brushing your teeth. Better yet, if you have a cleanser, it would be best to use your cleanser after brushing your teeth. Take note that other products such as shampoo and soaps can also contain SLS. Do an inventory and check which of the products that you use contain SLS. By changing these products, you’ll be able to save yourself from acne.